помощь в получении государственного финансирования

Привлечение инвестиций в комплексное и устойчивое развитие территорий, ключевые инфраструктурные "точки роста", на основе активного применения механизма государственно-частного партнёрства


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TRANSPROEKT Group since 2006 has been specializing in attracting and managing investments in integrated and sustainable development of territories, key infrastructure “points of growth” through the active use of public-private partnership (PPP). The project portfolio of TRANSPROEKT Group includes the largest public infrastructure facilities of Russia and the CIS countries with their budgetary allocations and private investments exceeding $100 bln. The modern organizational structuring of the divisional type of TRANSPROEKT Group was completed on June 11, 2014, when the management of the Group's activities was transferred from the founder company TRANSPROEKT LLC to a specially designated management company - TRANSPROEKT Group JSC, which is further responsible for the main strategic issues of the Group's activities, including the largest financial and investment transactions, the development of reliable corporate governance and control mechanisms.

Currently, the following companies are a part of TRANSPROEKT Group:

Non-governmental development institute TRANSPROEKT LLC (until 12.01.2024 - TRANSPROEKT Group LLC) - since 2011, has been specializing in managing the process of "launching" investment projects to create public infrastructure from the project idea to high-quality "packaging", the investment consortium shaping, the subsequent contracting with state and municipal authorities, providing project financing and further - construction/reconstruction and operation during the entire term of the agreement. The region where the company operates is the territory of the Russian Federation.

TRIWEST Capital JSC is the investment division of the Group, since 2008 has been relied on venture investment management in pre-seed, seed and "launch" stages of investment and PPP projects resulting in establishment of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) and conclusion of a firm agreement with public or municipal authorities. In some cases, the Group stays in the project during the whole lifecycle sharing all the project risks.

TRANSPROEKT Overseas LLC is the international division of the Group, since 2008 focused on structuring investment projects, supporting the institutional formation of a PPP mechanism in the territories of the EAEU member states (except for the Russian Federation), the CIS countries and far abroad. Since 2012, the company has participated in the selection of pilot PPP projects, the implementation of which was planned in the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In cooperation with the Interdepartmental Infrastructure Coordination Council of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, UNECE, IFC, the company representatives took part in off-site meetings to discuss PPP projects.

TRANSSYSTEM LLC is the legal division of the Group, since 2006 focused on combating complex legal challenges, legislative activity and legal support of investment projects at various stages, including M&A deals, without territorial restrictions.

Combining the long-term individual competencies of each of the companies, multiplied by the vast practical experience in preparing and implementing the largest investment projects in the EAEU member states, forms a long-term synergistic effect from the activities of TRANSPROEKT Group as a whole, opening up the opportunity to provide our Partners and Customers with unique "launch" and management of complex investment projects in the sectors of social, transport, engineering and IT infrastructure, of the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. Each of our Partner and Customer can be sure that the agreement with any of the Group companies is provided not only with the individual capabilities of the company, but also with the qualifications, experience and authority of the entire team of TRANSPROEKT Group.

The general presentation of TRANSPROEKT Group (rev. September 2022) provides a detailed works description at each stage of the life cycle of the PPP project and explains the role of TRANSPROEKT Group in the preparation, attraction of investments and implementation of real projects. The presentation in Portable Document Format (PDF) is available for download at the following link (4.6 MB).

Over the past 15 years, TRANSPROJECT Group, as a non-governmental development institute, has successfully prepared and implemented the largest infrastructure projects in Russia and the CIS countries, with a total amount of budget allocations and private investments of more than $100 bln, proving in practice the effectiveness and efficiency of the PPP models used.

General presentation of TRANSPROEKT Group

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